In the past Android games were a long ways behind iOS- the illustrations were below average, subtleties or abilities were lower and the experience simply wasn’t amazing. Those days are a distant memory now, Android has progressed significantly credit goes to the lowering gap between hardware and software, Android now has the some of the best games.

There are an entire ton of free games on the Play Store sitting silently for your attention, and it tends to be difficult to select the best ones initially. Here’s a rundown of the most mainstream games on Android that everybody is playing at the present time!


It’s not a surprise that this game made it to the rundown. This game has been immensely popular in India and is amazingly addictive. For the individuals who aren’t aware, this is an open world game wherein you battle different players continue to endure. Considering the way that it’s a mobile game, the open world map is very uncommon and detailed.

Infinity OPS

This is a multiplayer first-individual shooter that has a science fiction background to it. The occasion of the game happens in the inaccessible future when humankind has outperformed the limits of technological development and the world has slipped into the turmoil of interplanetary fighting.

It has a wide scope of deadly implements like plasma rifles and gadgets like jetpacks. You can likewise make your own clan (squad) and play modes like Deathmatch and Hardcore.

Shadowgun Legends

There are numerous out there who don’t favor the Battle Royale arrange, for them Madfinger Games has Shadowgun Legends. The player is an intergalactic soldier of fortune or ‘Shadowgun’ who battles outsider powers and hired fighters for cash and plunder.

The game has an immense choice of weapons, reinforcement, and skins for your Shadowgun. The story crusade is exciting and the diversion additionally underpins center missions wherein up to three of your companions can make a squad. There is also a real-time team versus team fight.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a spin-off of Clash of Clans and is the most well known “freemium” mobile game in the world. In Clash Royale, you partake in one-on-one fights with different players from around the globe.

The larger part of Clash Royale’s game revolves around endeavoring to utilize resources effectively. It consolidates the best components of the Tower Defense and Action Real Time Strategy sorts to make an addictive and aggressive experience.

HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia is a live trivia app that you play for real cash. The game comprises of 12 different decision incidental data questions, going from simple to devastatingly hard. The day by day weekday money pot has ascended to US$ 5,000 with a Sunday evening game that is ordinarily around US$ 25,000.