Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Do you use your mobile phone as your guide and journal? Do you want to achieve your goals faster? For an entrepreneur, time is money and achieving target before and on time is like a dream come true.

We swiftly set our target to achieve our goal but on facing the reality we realize accomplishing those targets is a tough nut to crack. However, in today’s digital world achieving the set target on time is not as tough as it seems. Digital world provides an array of apps to businessperson so that they can track their goals and achieve them on time.

Here is the list of apps that savvy entrepreneurs should use:


This software offers its users a free SMART goal worksheet which helps in setting a goal. With the help of its sample goal templates, users can create a control panel for their work to boost productivity. Once the set target is achieved user can move on to the next target.

Because of Goalontrack Success Habits pane, it is easy for entrepreneurs to have a record of their progress and can further decide their next move accordingly. A graded display of work is essential in prioritizing the work and thus direct the energy efficiently.


It is a free social networking app launched in 2015. It is designed for the Apple operating system and Android devices. The app acknowledges you to create goals and connect with people to accomplish those goals.

Linkagoal app provides you an opportunity to connect with those people who are facing the same crisis as yours and with those too who have made it through. You can learn from their experience and get over your struggle. The app has also provided a cheering squad that keeps you inspired throughout the way.  


This app calculates your performance and accountability and thus helps you in keeping track of your goals. Motivation is the crucial thing that a business person and its team need, this app boost the sense of motivation amongst the employees.


Almost every entrepreneur wants to get rid of bad habits and cultivate good habits. The purpose of Habatica app is to keep the record of your progress with the help of a role-playing game. It helps you in achieving daily goals and focuses on the fact that short-term goals are more realistic and easier to achieve as compared to long-term goals.