The idea of AI is that PC frameworks can be utilized to perform undertakings that would typically require a human. These can go from discourse acknowledgment and interpretation into various dialects, completely through to visual recognition and even basic leadership.

Comprehensively, anything can be viewed as AI on the off chance that it includes a program accomplishing something that we would regularly think would depend on the knowledge of a human.

But AI has its own pros and cons and here is the list of those pros and cons:

Pros of AI

Handling mundane tasks

Artificial Intelligence has many advantages. It is beneficial to mankind in many ways. Its potential to complete mundane tasks using machine intelligence will increase the productivity. AI is capable enough to completely erase the burden of boring tasks from human life and will allow them to improve their creativity.  

Avoid Errors

With the help of artificial intelligence, it is easy to avoid mistakes. It is impossible for humans to perform error free task. However, machines can perform tasks without committing any mistake. They are programmed in a way to ‘perform error free tasks.

Take risks on behalf of humans

Artificial Intelligence has undoubtedly reduced the amount of risk human life is exposed to. In the name of research, humans face life-threatening challenges which are now performed by artificial intelligent machines.

Cons of AI  

Job losses

It is given that, artificial intelligence will displace many low-skilled jobs. Robots have already replaced humans in many jobs. Many say it will create more wealth but one cannot deny the fact that it will lead to many job losses.

Controls Human LIfe

Artificial Intelligence controls the life of humans, it is believed by some and they think AI will dehumanise actions in many ways.