Artificial intelligence focuses on machine learning ability. Its motive is to innovative machines that are capable of thinking, working and acting like humans. With the help of AI scientist have developed many machines that have the following features in it:

Speech recognition

Problem-solving skill

Learning and planning


In this machine era, AI is a very popular and interesting subject. Businesses are keen on adopting this technology. And many business intellectuals believe that AI is the future of technology but if we closely look around our surroundings and machines we use daily we will realize that AI is not the future instead it is the present.

Here is the list of AI solutions that we are using today:


Siri is the most popular form of AI. It is a personal assistant offered by Apple in iPhone and iPad. Siri connects with its users daily. A friendly female voice answers the queries of users, send messages on their behalf, make voice calls, give them directions, add events to the calendar.

Siri is built using machine-learning technology, therefore, it can understand the natural language questions and answers.


AI is not only limited to smartphones in fact automobiles are also shifting towards AI. Only a car admirer can understand why we all need a car like Tesla. Since its launch, the car has won many accolades and it is armed with features like self-driving, absolute technological innovation, and predictive capabilities.


We all are aware of Netflix. It is the change in the entertainment industry that we all needed. These days it is the most popular thing on the internet. It provides a content-on-demand service to the users and also offers them a recommendation on the basis of consumers interests, choices, reaction, and behavior. And with each passing year, the technology is getting more skilled and advance.  


Nest was a successful artificial intelligence startup which was acquired by Google in 2014 for $3.2 billion. The Nest Learning Thermostat is a concept which uses behavioral algorithms to save energy based on your behavior and schedule.